Content is like Water

Sometimes I write articles, just to share some knowledge or for any other reason. Sharing knowledge is a challenge these days, so many platforms, so many different people, so many technical solutions, so what to do? I am already experience for years with content distribution and syndication and this is also not the last version, but just a step further.

WordPress as the central hub

WordPress is in many cases my preferred content platform and from WordPress I have setup various automated syndication and distribution rules. For example all content added to our family blog Patriebo gets syndicated to this blog. All content from this blog get automatically distributed to Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You might argue that it’s content duplication and in a way it is, but I don’t exactly repost the articles.

In some cases I only take the title, excerpt and link in on other cases just the title and link, or I add the article as attachment or not. It really depends on the platform, as you can imagine for Twitter I only use very limited information from the original article.

What I did found out is that it works, not only does the reach greatly increase, but also the number of reactions and SEO value of my articles. Especially the “repost” to the Google+ platform of every article that I write helps very well, especially for the short term. In the longer term then usually WordPress takes over.

My setup for this automated system

For the syndication I use “FeedWordPress“, a great tool for sure and for the distribution it’s “NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster“, this tool costs a little bit of money but it’s worth it I think. For the rest it’s plain good old WordPress, nothing fancy but very powerfull.