Den Hartogh Logistics is a leading Logistics Service Provider with a presence in 47 locations and 26 countries. Employing over 1.800 people and having over 27.100 containers, 350 tank trailers and 625 trucks, this enables them to deliver smart logistics. Den Hartogh has existed for over 100 years and is a family-owned company with a focus on people and a getting things done mentality.

“I am honored and delighted to boost their digital marketing to the next level! An opportunity to my heart, the possibilities are almost endless. Helping set the digital strategy, building campaigns, increasing brand awareness, promoting their products and services, discovering new e-marketing possibilities together, leads, nurturing, supporting their local teams, etc… too much to mention.”

Digital transformation within companies is key to survival. From my perspective the strength of digital is making it an integrated part of the company, applying the core values of the organization and building upon the success of the last 100 years. By doing so digital can give the organization a synergistic effect. I am excited to take on that challenge together with my new colleagues and to get to meet their customers to facilitate their customer journey. 

A word of thanks also goes out to my former employer Lely and my team especially. Together we built an online strategy and executed it by delivering a brand-new website, setup promotions, marketing automation, connected sales and marketing, ran many campaigns and shared our passion. Thank you! Or as Lely’s CEO André van Troost said in my farewell: “You have taken us out of the dark ages of online.” With that compliment in mind I am going to try my best to propel Den Hartogh even further!

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