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My experience with my M5 Card Phone

Today I received my new M5 Card Phone! What a nice little phone! I decided to buy this phone because my current phone, the CAT S50, has some issues and is a bit big to carry around if you sometimes only need to called. The phone costed only € 15,03 and I bought it at

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New personal content distribution strategy

Sometimes I write articles, just to share some knowledge or for any other reason. Sharing knowledge is a challenge these days, so many platforms, so many different people, so many technical solutions, so what to do? I am already experience for years with content distribution and syndication and this is also not the last version,

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My experience with my Caterpillar CAT S50 phone

Well…the CAT S50 is good, well somewhat good, at certain things. Thinking about it, that one thing the phone is supposed to be good at, surviving a harsh environment, nah not that great either. My story started out as a search for a phone that would be modern and would survive my young children, who

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Mijn ervaring met mijn VANMOOF Electrified fiets

Al een paar dagen rij ik zo trots als een pauw rond op mijn nieuwe VANMOOF Electrified fiets! Van kinds af aan heb ik op heel veel verschillende fietsen rondgereden, maar dit is duidelijk iets anders. De VANMOOF Electrified is een stadsfiets on steroids! De fiets wordt door een fietsenmaker van VANMOOF zelf afgeleverd en dat

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