The dark archives…

Whilest I was cleaning up my webserver I found in the dark archives my first webpages and when I looked back at the creation date I realized I started creating webpages over ten years ago.

My first webpage

My first webpage was created in 1997 and was all about penfriends. It already had a kind of dynamical data processing ability. People were able to register themselves through a webform, which then send that data to an email address and tons of scripts turned that email into a webpage. Today we would call it PHP & MySQL, weblive is so much easier now…

Screenshots of my websites

Believe it or not, but people really found their soulemates and even a marriage was a result of that webpage. Also the webpage was published in a major Dutch magazine and published on some internet fora. In 1999 I started a new website about fun on the internet (not a huge success) and in 2001 a website about internet and server was born (also not really succesful).

My current website

The 25th of May 2003 I started a whole new way of approaching the way of creating webpages. With the knowledge gained about servers my current website was born (still running at This website became highly succesful after publications of the first fluid cooled pc. Also PC Format magazine and HowStuffWorks wrote about this project.


My weblog, we write Februari 27th 2007, my first attempt in the world of blogging. At first I didn’t understand the concept of blogging but after taking a course at the PR agency of my work I decided to give it try and here it is. Still happily running!

Website history

Below are all my personal websites created. They are protected by a robots.txt to prevent them from beeing spidered by search engines, else…I would look really old on the web.