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Power failure

Hmmm...not nice, we suddently experienced power failuire here and due to that my server went offline. I know...use UPS, but UPS is expensive people! Anyway, server is back online again and am now repairing/optimizing the MySQL databases.

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Trip around the world with containers

Visited the World Harbour Days in Rotterdam today and I saw this really cool project. Containers are transformed into works of art. On the container is a text which asks you to take a photo and send it to the organisation. That way a story will develop around the travels of this container. I participate,

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E-Ticket voor normale treinkaartjes

Tegenwoordig koop je je kaartje niet meer bij de niet werkende automaat op het station, waar je zo lang in de rij staat dat je de trein mist... Maar gewoon op, net als je vliegticket dat je via internet bestelt. Ik ben geen fan van de NS, maar dit keer: "Goed gedaan!"

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