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It's online and it works, GG-Tracker! It stands for GPS and GSM Tracking, what it does is all explained at my website but the data above is live and it shows my actual location. In short, it combines GPS and GSM location services into one. The only things used are a Nokia N73 cellphone and

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GSM Tracking (and navigation)

For those who know me, I worked at QuikTrak before. A company specializing in tracking and tracing of goods and persons. So you might say, I know a little bit about tracking technology ;) Now that I have a new phone (the Nokia N73) with Symbian v60 3rd edition operating system I decided to try

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Nokia LifeBlog and WordPress

End of the need new stuff, so besides the fancy mouse, a new phone. This time I was not distracted but looks but went for functionality and my choice was the Nokia N73. I will write something later about this phone. For now, LifeBlog and Wordpress integration. One of the gadgets functionalities of this

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Razer Copperhead Mouse

  Recently I bought myself a present, a new mouse. After reading a tons of reviews about various mice I decided to pay a visit to the shop. The candidates were the Logitech G5 or G9, the Ideazon Reaper Edge, a Razer or the Sidewinder from Microsoft. The Sidewinder is actually a a Razer mouse,

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