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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-S100-1AFJ

    Ok…I had this really pretentious issue…over 20 watches, but no watch was really what I wanted. A watch is not just something that tells the time to me, to me it is a timepiece, a work of art, something I wear everyday I use a lot. With everything that you wear a lot it becomes really important […]

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  • Lely professionalizes vacancies flow

    Vacancies, online marketeers must love this section of their website. It does not only attract relevant traffic for job seekers, but it is also a great place to position your company. At Lely we launched our new careers proposition worldwide in over 60 countries. At Lely we take vacancies seriously. Lely is an international company […]

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  • The new Lely TechDocs is live!

    The new Lely Technical Documents library is live. As of today it contains 3.760 documents consisting of operator manuals, spare parts catalogs and safety and warranty information for a total of 67 machines. No small library, but then again Lely is a big company. Lely helps their customers all over the world to make choices […]

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  • Multiple AND in the IFTTT conditional statement

    IFTTT (If This Then That) is a great service which allows you to automate tasks, cellphones, cars, your house or almost whatever you fancy. It works in a powerful way using simple conditional statements (If…This…) using (Then) webservices (…That). For for example with IFTTT you can say: “If (it’s dark) Then (turn on the lights). But […]

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  • Een leuk Adwords “truukje”

    Als manager Online experimenteer ik graag met de (on)mogelijkheden van Google Adwords. Op het moment ben ik aan het testen met video bannering via YouTube, gewone bannering levert steeds minder op qua CTR en ik heb ook steeds meer twijfel over het nut van het bekijken van een banner. Voor de doelgroep van het bedrijf […]

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